I live and work in dry, sterile environments where I describe bodies concisely and precisely so that real doctors can make real decisions.  When I'm not making my living, I dream about twists in myths and legends.  It's a dream of mine to completely re-write all the fairy-tales of my youth into my own stories.


I've also worked in the smaller places of Canada, places like Yellowknife and Thunder Bay, and I really hope to write (or draw) a story set up there, amongst the amazing land and people.  I'm also a couch-traveller (prefer to be a real traveller, but I have three small kids, so it's difficult for me).  I fulfill my travelling itch by researching — so many interesting cultures and lands, and so little time.  The biggest distraction for me during writing or drawing is the research.


I think a story can be told many ways, so I've experimented with many formats: manga, writing, scripts. Whatever's the best way to get the pictures, sounds and sensations in my head to yours.  

About me

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